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Opinions and content contained on this website are to be used for informational purposes only.  Policies, recommendations and requirements can vary by company, state and individual needs. Please consult with a licensed insurance agent to help determine the appropriate products and levels of coverage for your personal circumstances.

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Liability Insurance
Each of the following policies has liability as one of its most important components.  While most people are focused on the more tangible aspects such as deductibles or level of insurance that covers the value of the physical possession, an oversight in the appropriate liability levels to adequately protect your specific financial situation could be the most devastating outcome should a claim arise.   As a general rule of thumb, you should have more liability coverage in place than you have in personal assets.  This is particularly important because liability is not only used to pay for physical damages and medical injuries should it be determined that you are held responsible, but it also must cover the fees of the attorneys who will be defending you.  If the award from the claim exceeds the liability level that you have on your policy you could be faced with having to pay the extra from personal assets or have future wages garnished.

Homeowners Insurance
The single biggest investment you may make in life is your home. Are you sure you've protected your investment?  It’s important that the cost to rebuild your home has been accurately calculated and that your policy includes extended replacement coverage on your home and contents.  Items that are collectible or appreciating in value such as antiques and jewelry should be given careful consideration to determine if floaters should be added.  The most important consideration is to evaluate the amount of personal liability that should be added to this policy. 

Let us review your homeowner's policy with you and make sure there are no gaps in coverage.

Renters Insurance
Your apartment or rental property are likely insured by the owner, but this type of policy would not have any coverage available for your personal contents for devastating events like fire, theft or broken pipes.  In addition, if the cause of loss was due to negligence on your part, you could be faced with the financial responsibility of the damage to the premises and your neighbors’ belongings!  Renters policies include coverage for your clothing, furniture and other possessions but more importantly, they offer liability coverage for a variety of situations and coverage to pay for alternate temporary housing should you need to live elsewhere while your home is repaired. 

Condo and Townhouse
Though components such as personal property and liability coverages are similar to a homeowner’s policy, often your specific needs will depend on your homeowners association.  In Charlottesville, some communities cover the exterior of your home while others request that you take responsibility for this coverage.  In either situation, the interior walls, any stairs and other physical features may very well be your responsibility so it’s important to carefully review your association’s bylaws and determine exactly what you need to insure!  We can help!

Mobile Home
Mobile Home policies are very similar to homeowners policies.  The replacement cost valuation will depend on many factors; whether or not the home is on a permanent foundation, if additions such as decks, porches or extra rooms have been added and whether or not the original features such as cabinets or flooring have been updated.  Let us help you determine the amount of coverage you need.

Auto Insurance
There are dozens of companies who claim to be the least expensive in the market place.  The unfortunate result is that the public’s focus is completely on price, rather than the most important questions they should be asking.  Is the company I’m considering financially secure?  Do they handle claims in a timely manner with minimal hassle?  If I have a run of bad luck and have multiple claims will they be likely to cancel my insurance?  Do I have access to an agent to help me evaluate the level of liability that my assets require and will that person help should a challenge arise at claim time?  How will this company react when my children start driving? 

In general, it’s best to choose a company who has reasonable, but not the lowest prices that will stand by you should you have a claim.  Companies that are solely focused on price often have larger fluctuations from renewal to renewal based on the most recent company-wide claims experience.  More importantly, if it’s likely that your policy will be canceled should you have too many tickets or accidents, you may find yourself in a very unpleasant situation.  Many companies will not offer insurance if you’ve been canceled or if your driving record has some blemishes.  Often, if they do, the accident or tickets may count against you more extensively that they would have if your current company had been willing to continue your policy.

As mentioned previously in the liability section, it is critically important to make sure that the liability levels of your auto policy are appropriate for you.  Often the variables of driving are not completely under your control, yet if the ultimate outcome is that an accident is determined to be your fault it could mean that you’ll be responsible for all physical damages, injuries and other fees related to the incident.  If you do not have appropriate levels of liability it could be a mistake that costs you thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Motorcycle, Motorhome, and Boat
These policies have very similar coverages as auto policies but have many specialized options that you may want to consider.

It is really important to make sure that your overall liability levels exceed what you have in personal assets.  Did you realize that in addition to paying for physical damages and injuries that your liability levels will also be used to pay for the cost of attorneys who will defend you? What happens if you have a large enough claim that the underlying liability on your auto or homeowners policy is depleted?  Will you have additional assets that may be at risk?  Will your salary be garnished? Can you afford to risk your financial security?  An umbrella policy will offer additional coverage that can be used in excess of either your auto or homeowners coverage.  Often, rental properties, vacant land and other vehicles such as boats or motorcycles can also be scheduled and protected.  See how low-cost umbrella coverage is!




















































































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